Development of Electricity in Egypt

  • Energy is the essential foundation in bringing about overall development in all societies; therefore countries all over the world seek to secure their needs of different energy sources.
  • The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy is aware of the importance of its mission to provide electrical power to all users in all fields in accordance with international standards in order to contribute in the achievement of comprehensive development plans.

  • Generation and distribution were practiced by Private companies
  • Nationalization of Electricity Generation , transmission and Distribution Companies and Three Authorities were formed to practice the electricity activities:
  • Electricity Production Authority
  • Electricity Distribution Authority
  • Electricity Projects Implementation Authority
  • The general authority of electricity replaced the three Authorities mentioned above and became responsible for electricity production and transmission distribution and projects implementation.
  • Egypt electricity authority was established in to monopolize ownership and implementation of electricity generation, transmission and projects of the electrical activities.
  • Seven regional companies of electricity distribution were established under the supervision of Egypt electricity authority.
  • Within the framework of reformation and restructuring program, an electrical power distribution authority was established to supervise distribution companies which became independent from Egypt electricity authority.
  • Power plants affiliated to Egypt electricity authority and transmission activities were merged with the distribution companies. They all are reformed into 7 regional areas. Each regional area practice generation and distribution activities within it geographic jurisdiction. As a holding company, Egypt electricity authority became responsible for transmission operation and the new 7 regional distribution and generation companies established.
  • Electricity production companies were separated from distribution companies. As a result, there were four companies for thermal power production, one company for hydro power production, seven companies of electricity distribution and one company for electricity transmission.
  • These companies are affiliated to the Egyptian electricity holding company with 49% of shares for sale.
  • Delta Company for electricity distribution, one of the seven distribution companies, was divided into two companies: North Delta co. and South Delta co.
  • One of the eight distribution companies, Cairo distribution company, was divided into two companies: "North Cairo" and "South Cairo".
  • Delta company for electricity production was divided into three companies : East Delta, Middle Delta and West Delta
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