Investors services

Egyptian Electricity Holding Company
Offered Services
Services provided by the company for the participation of the private sector, where permitted to participate one of the following methods:
  • Through a tender using BOO/BOOT
  • Private sector investors in the field of installing generation power plants based on IPP scheme according to the following conditions:

  • The investor should obtain the proper site for the project Moreover, he has to determine the capacity of the station according to the contracts between him and the suggested consumers.
  • The investor should have a direct contract with his electrical power consumers.
  • The investor should arrange with the Ministry of Petroleum (MOP) to secure the delivery of Fuel required to test and operate the plant based on the prices agreed between the investor and MOP on the basis that such fuel quantities do not affect the Electricity Sector's share of fuel.
  • The Investor should obtain the required consent from the Environmental Affairs Agency pursuant to the respective environmental conditions
  • The investor should inform the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) with the location of his IPP station to allow EEHC to study the interconnection between the station and the National Electrical Network to deliver the electricity to the consumers against a fee for the network usage as applied worldwide, according to a contract between the investor and Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC).
  • The Investor should obtain the required License from the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency allowing him to produce Electricity.

Atomic Energy Authority
Offered Services
  • Inspection of imported goods so as to give the certificate required from the importing bodies.
  • Sterilization of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.
  • Control of microbial burden in food staff such as spices and medical herbs.
  • Conducting measurements and analysis for sample through the central laboratories
  • Disposal of radioactive wastes and sealed sources
  • Reading radiation exposure cards(TLD)
  • Conducting consultancy services for petroleum companies, hospitals…etc

Regulatory Body of Electric Utility and Consumer Protection
Offered Services
  • Issue Licenses for construction, management, operation, and maintenance for electric power generation, transmission, distribution and selling of energy
  • Investigating of the complaints of the consumers to protect their benefits and solving the disputes.

Procedures of offered service
  • The investor has to fill the application and submit it to the Electricity and Energy representative in "Investors Service Assembly ".
  • The investor will get the reply of his service within 30 days.
  • The investor has to offer the technical, finance studies for each activity of power production (transmission distribution, selling) for each Licenses due to circumstances that include: for example:
    • Contracting with consumer (Distribution Company or end user).
    • Capital cost and the financial sources.
    • Operation & maintenance costs.
    • The production energy.
    • The transmitted energy.
    • The fuel source.
    • The changes the end users price as long as the station life period
    • The financial districts and compensate for the company & the end users should be included in the contract.
    • The availability rotes expected all this station and also the electric changes as long as the Electric Energy Production and that include : more a less as for example:
    • The fuel firing emissions rotes should be applied accord to the Egyptian environmental law.
    • The liquid wastes sorts and rates, temperature degree, and the elimination way should be applied accord to Egyptian environmental law.