The Ministry

Local Manufacturing
  • The Ministry Of Electricity and Renewable Energy in Egypt adopts an ambitious program, aims to support the local industries of the electric equipments needed in the electric system and facilitate all the requirement for localization services of the industry.

  • So, many factories and companies have been instituted to manufacture the most percentage from many of the electric power plants and substations equipments and components.

  • The products of this industry are manufactured according to the international standards and specifications. These equipments proved that they are efficient and reliable in operation through many projects in many sectors, beside the exportation which achieved perfect acceptable all over the world.
  • Settling high _ tech. in design and manufacturing of electric power plant and always increase the use of the local manufactured competent.
  • Manufacturing both of all the optical fibers cables lights and electronic meter cards
  • Promote the use of the local products of the electric equipments to Arab and African countries.
  • Development the renewable power and its application.
  • Increase the local industries in the field of the power transformers, measuring, insulators (up to 220 KV) and the protection tele-communication and control equipments.

  • The percentage of the Local manufactured equipments electrical projects:

  • Manufacturing 42% of the power station equipments
  • Manufacturing 80% of Transmission and Control Grids
  • Manufacturing 100% of the Distribution Network