The ministry

Overview on the Ministry of Electricity and Energy

  • The Electric Energy is the back-bone and infrastructure for all life activities, not only agricultural, industrial and tourism activities but also, the development of the residential communities & agricultural reclamation
  • The first dedicated Ministry for the Electricity & Energy in Egypt was instituted in 1964. Then many decrees were issued by the state to regulate and specify its activities.
  • The last decree was in 1974 and stated that the goal of the ministry is to provide the electricity to all consumers all over the country. And in order to full fill that obligation, the ministry has to:-
  • Settle the general plan & energy generation, transmission and distribution using the high-tech and the latest scientific development and supervise the execution of such plan and follow-up the different activities concerning the electrical network.
  • Suggest the electric energy prices for all different voltage levels and different usages.
  • Supervise the study and execution of essential electrical projects.
  • Publish the statistics and data relating to electric energy production & consumption.
  • Provide the technical consultancies and services in the electric fields to Arab countries and all others.